Coaster Critique: Winnah 2012

Name: The Winnah 2012

Brewed by: Penobscot Bay Brewery



Purchased: on draft at Nocturnem Draft Haus

The Winnah 2012 is a Sorachi Ace Pilsner that was the winning beer in the 2012 Maine homebrewers competition, brewed by Zafra Whitcomb. Zafra’s prize for winning the competition was to have his recipe scaled up and brewed by the Penobscot Bay Brewery and put on tap at Nocturnem and sold in bottles at Bangor Wine and Cheese. I had to make it down to Nocturnem to check out this beer and i was very impressed, It’s really nice to see someone homebrewing at a high level being rewarded for their hard work, it’s added motivation for me to improve my own homebrews. Congratulations Zafra Whitcomb, Winnah 2012.

Golden straw color, very clean and clear, short bone white head that left lacing down glass

Smelled very  crisp and clean, light cracker malt aromas, subtle citrus from the hops.
This beer is Clean and crisp and true to the style with a nice lemony bite from the sorachi Ace, the malt adds a subtle bready flavor. Light bodied with a clean finish.
Overall a really easy drinking pilsner,  love the hop profile and drinkability. This is a beer that goes down way too easy, I would recommend this to anyone who likes a clean refreshing beer. Head over to Nocturnem and check it out on tap or look for it at Bangor Wine and Cheese in bottles.



Chad Lothian

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