Coaster Critique: Cambridge Brewing Red God

Name: Red God

Brewed by: Cambridge Brewing Company

Style: Imperial Red Ale

ABV: 9%

Red God pours a very deep red/amber with dark shadows; the beer is very hazy and raised a thick tan head.

I can smell this beer sitting on the table and I haven’t raised it to my nose yet. Hops and lots of them, they have a vegetal, grassy aroma. I’m not picking out the malt in this one, the hops are very strong.

The malt is bready with a caramel sweetness; the hops are very prominent, grassy, piney, herbal flavors with a nice bitterness and some alcohol heat creeping in the background.

Overall a beer I would have again, nice and bitter, although the grassy hops aren’t my favorite it works in this beer. Cambridge Brewing Co. is currently not available in Maine, my friend Nate brought this bottle up from Cambridge, MA for me, if you are travelling down that way look for a bottle; I haven’t found a beer by them I didn’t like.



Chad Lothian

About Chad Lothian

Chad Lothian lives in Old Town, Maine. He is a craft beer enthusiast and homebrewer. Chad has travelled to brewpubs, breweries and brewfests all over New England.