March Bangor Greendrinks at COESpace

I’m ashamed to say it, but I haven’t been to a Bangor Greendrinks since October, when I went to do a blog post, it’s one of my favorite events in the Bangor area and it’s been too long. When I heard that my friends Josh and Anne were hosting the event at COESpace on Columbia Street in Bangor I knew it was time to grab my mug and head to Bangor to visit the Greendrinks Familia, I also brought along my own family, my wife who introduced me to Greendrinks in the first place and our three year old who is a Greendrinks regular himself and always has fun, Greendrinks is a very family friendly event. COESpace is a pretty cool spot, I’ve been in this space before but not since it’s re-opened in its current form, It’s a long white walled room with wood floors, a restroom in the back and large windows looking  out to the street, a large flat screen TV hangs on one wall. This space is meant to be a blank canvas, one that you can rent for 2 or 4 hour blocks and make it your own. At $100 for 4 hours I couldn’t’ help but find myself dreaming of what I could do with the space, maybe an If My Coaster Could Talk event in the future?

My Greendrinks Mug

Tonight’s event was a little different from the last Greendrinks I attended, where they normally have a recommended $5 donation at the door to support the cause they have had to make some adjustments and are now charging a $5 cover charge instead. This is a requirement of their liquor license so they can serve the donated keg of beer at the event; the money still goes to the Greendrinks cause. Speaking of beer, this is a Beer blog, I should mention the beer that was so kindly donated by Baxter Brewing of Lewiston Maine, they donated a keg of Stowaway IPA that was delicious as always and I’ll pay a $5 cover charge any day to enjoy a couple mugs.

March Greendrinks was co-hosted by Osher Environment Systems who talked briefly about the importance of getting a home efficiency audit and how it could potentially save you a lot of money as well as have a positive impact on the environment; they were also raffling off a free efficiency audit and air sealing at the event. Osher also covered the cost of catering for the event, Izzy’s Catering was on hand with a table full of goodies to snack on while sipping beer and mingling with other likeminded Greendrinkers.

Greendrinks introduced us tonight to the newest member of the Greendrinks familia, Paul Bunyan himself was in attendance, well sort of, a freestanding Paul Bunyan cut out created by Orson Horchler of Blue Jay Carpentry & Design LLC. Paul seemed to be a hit standing in the corner with his Green Drink posing for pictures with anyone who wanted one.

Greendrinks is a fun event, it’s a great opportunity to get out and meet and network with other likeminded individuals in the area, the message for sustainable practices is always there and they introduce you to new businesses who believe in this message. If I haven’t convinced you yet I ask you simply this, where in Bangor can you bring your own mug and get it filled with fine craft beer for $5? It’s a pretty inexpensive way to spend a couple hours, learn about local businesses, meet new people and maybe most importantly, drink good beer. I hope to see you at an event sometime.



Chad Lothian

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