Coaster Critique: Gluten free week – 3R Raspberry Ale

Probably the most common question I get asked is in regards to gluten free beers, it seems like everybody knows someone who’s suffering from Celiac Disease and they are curious either about the beer they are drinking or like a good friend trying to help out a fallen drinking buddy, researching gluten free options for them. I myself have many friends who are celiacs and I always pick up new gluten free beers when they are available so I have something to recommend when asked, I’ve even gone so far as to brew my own gluten free homebrew. This week I’ll be reviewing gluten free options; there will be a new review every day, so if you know someone who has a gluten intolerance and is looking for information about gluten free options please spread the word.


Name: 3R Raspberry Ale

Brewed By: New Planet Beer Co.


New Planet Raspberry Ale poured a golden copper color with a slight pink hue, very clear, visible carbonation but almost no head, just a thin white ring around the glass.

The smell is very light, just a hint of raspberries but otherwise nothing stands out.

Generally speaking I’m not a fan of fruit flavored beers; this one isn’t as strong as some raspberry ales that I’ve had which is good. All the fruit flavor is right up front and it fades into a slightly metallic almost tinny flavor which is what I associate with sorghum flavors in beer. This one isn’t as strongly sorghum flavored as others I’ve tried, the label says it also has corn extract which must soften the flavor. This beer is slightly sweet up front but finishes dry with a light tart aftertaste, I’m not finding a date on the bottle so I’m unsure whether this tart flavor is from an aged bottle or from the fruit.

Overall not bad, I’ve had worse raspberry ales and I’ve had worse sorghum beers so this one is definitely worth a shot if you enjoy a fruity beer, I’ll admit that it is a pretty easy drinking beer and would be refreshing on a hot summer day. If the sorghum flavor doesn’t work for you I think this beer would make a nice summer shandy with the addition of some lemonade.

Check back here tomorrow as I’ll be posting a gluten free review every day this week.



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