Coaster Critique: Gluten Free Week – New Grist

Name: New Grist

Brewed By: Lakefront Brewery Inc.

ABV: 5%

Purchased: Bangor Wine and Cheese


New Grist poured a very light straw color, looks similar to an apple cider, minimal carbonation visible and no head to speak of.

Very light in smell, the sorghum is noticeable with an almost spicy aroma, reminds me a little bit of farmhouse ale.

At first sip this beer is very crisp and clean, light in flavor, with a thin mouthfeel, mid sip the sorghum flavor shows up but isn’t as strong  as some beers brewed with sorghum, just a light spiciness. New grist finishes with a slight bitterness and a light citrusy flavor.

Overall a drinkable beer, maybe a bit light in flavor for my taste but I’d recommend this to anyone who prefers a crisp, easy drinking beer that isn’t strong on beer flavor.



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Chad Lothian

About Chad Lothian

Chad Lothian lives in Old Town, Maine. He is a craft beer enthusiast and homebrewer. Chad has travelled to brewpubs, breweries and brewfests all over New England.