Coaster Critique: Gluten Free Week – Green’s Endeavour

Name: Green’s Endeavour

Brewed By: DeProef Brewery

Style: Dubbel Dark Ale

ABV: 7%

Green’s Dubbel Dark Ale pours a very deep black/brown color, when held up to the light; the light turns the beer a deep dark red. Pour produced a short khaki head that settled to a thin layer across the beer surface and left lacing down the glass.

This beer smells more like what I expect from a non-gluten free beer, it has that dark roasted grains aroma, some sweetness and just a touch of earthy hops.

This beer is completely different than the other gluten free beers I’ve already reviewed; much more flavorful, roasty, some grainy flavors, subtle dark fruit and Belgian yeast flavors. Greens is brewed with millet, buckwheat, rice and sorghum, the combination of these ingredients seem to step up the flavor and body of the beer in comparison to other sorghum based beers.

Overall a tasty beer with a hefty ABV, this would be my pick for a fall or winter beer where the other sorghum based beers are lighter and often fruit flavored making them more desirable during the summer months. Green’s is definitely worth a shot, they also do an Amber and Trippel which are quite good as well.



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Chad Lothian

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