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I was unfortunately unable to make it down to Framingham, MA for the buy Boston a Beer event, my real job got in the way but luckily I have some friends and fellow beer bloggers who did make the event, Brian Aldrich of Seacoast Beverage Labs Blog and Podcast was willing to step in an do a guest blog for me.

When a tragedy like what happened at the finish line of the Boston Marathon occurs and the dust settles, the community is left with a “what’s next?” feeling. Maine’s own Marshall Wharf and Framingham, MA’s Jacks Abby Brewing Co knew exactly what to do.

Three Tides & Marshall Wharf Brewing Company posted the following on the Beer Advocate Forums on Tuesday following the bombing:

“Let’s start healing by dealing out free beer. Marshall Wharf, Belfast, Maine is bringing all 16oz can inventory to Boston on Weds/4.17. AND challenging all New England breweries to throw down. Let’s help heal Boston with beer! “

Jack’s Abby Pint (Photo Courtesty of Brian Aldrich)

That post sparked an interest in Jacks Abby brewing to plan a fundraiser at The Tavern in Framingham, MA. I bet they didn’t expect the response they got. More than 25 breweries responded to the call of action and sent beer to the event. With myself being both a runner and beer lover I wanted to show all the support I could, so I took the 1.5 hour trip to Framingham to see the fundraiser unfold.

List of Breweries who Donated to the Event (Photo courtesty of Brian Aldrich)

When I got there at 3pm the brewers were setting up in the side room of The Tavern. Any beer enthusiast would see this kind of set up at a beer fest. Tables outlining the walls with jockey boxes and paper signs with the breweries that were there. I personally know what it takes to run a beer fest but I can not imagine what it takes to put one on in the course of 24 hours. That shows you the support that these breweries wanted to show. The beer was donated and the proceeds went to support the victims from Monday.

People enjoying the Event (Photo Courtesty of Brian Aldrich)

As the hours passed, The Tavern got more and more crowded. There is no stopping the love and support of beer geeks, thats for sure. The event ran until “last call” was yelled at 1am.

Some of Brian’s Untappd Check ins from the Event (Untappd Screenshot Courtesty of Brian Aldrich)

I got to try some great beers for a great cause. The numbers haven’t been tallied as of the writing of this post but it will be a jaw dropper when announced. Thank you to the hard work of all 25+ brewers who helped raise money to help those affected by such a tragic day in Boston.



The final total raised at the event and donated to the One Fund was $8800.

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