Beer and brewery photos from my trip to Vermont

I spent this past weekend travelling to Vermont, I went for a family function but of course i hit every brewery i could while i was there. Here are some photos from Hill Farmstead, Rock Art, The Alchemist, Fiddlehead, Magic Hat and 14th Star. If you use Instagram follow me at for photos of beer, breweries and whatever else i might feel like sharing along the way.




Welcome to the Hill Farmstead Brewery

Outside the Hill Farmstead Brewery

Equipment at the Hill Farmstead Brewery

Bottles/Growlers at the Hill Farmstead Tasting Room

Hill Farmstead Edith

Hill Farmstead Everett and Edith bottles

Welcome to the Rock Art Brewery

Rock Art Growlers

Rock Art bottles in the Retail Shop

Tasting Room, Retail Shop and Tours This way at Alchemist Cannery

Sign outside the Alchemist Cannery

The Alchemist Fermentors

Brewery Art: Painted Fermentor at The Alchemist

Delicious Heady Topper

Fiddlehead/Folinos sign

above the entry of Fiddlehead Brewery and Folino’s Pizza

on the wall of the Fiddlehead Brewery tasting room

Pizza and Beer, a Pairing you cant go wrong with

Fiddlehead 32oz Growlerette

Welcome to the Magic Hat Artifactory

Signage at the Magic Hat Brewery

Brewery Art, an elephant sculpture outside of Magic Hat

Magic Hat bike rack outside the brewery

My son opening the door to the Magic Hat Artifactory

Sign on the Wall at Magic Hat Brewery

Magic Hat Brewery Tours Start Here

Take a stroll down Magic Hat’s Information Superhallway

Magic Hat Taps for Samples and Growler fills

Magic Hat’s Available Samples

Door to the 14th Star Brewery

Growler of 14th Star’s Flagship beer

Growlers and Cans from the trip

The Bottles i picked up this weekend.





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