Sadie’s the Lady Hops Soap

Hops are by far my favorite ingredient in beer, I love my IPA’s, but on occasion I stumble across other uses for them, like pickled hops shoots which I did a post about a while back and now soap. I was looking up hops online and I stumbled across an Etsy site for Hops Soap and immediately realized that my shower experience was seriously lacking.  Looking at the site I realized that the Hops Soap was made right here in Maine at Aroostook Hops, a hopyard up in Northern Maine, this was perfect, a local product that involved hops, I had to know more. I sent Krista (soap maker) an email and asked her where I could find a bar locally before ordering online, Krista was kind enough to send me down a couple of bars to try out.

Sadie’s the Lady Hops Soap comes in 4oz bars, it’s a greenish color with brown flecks, very natural looking and slightly rough to the touch. Now I won’t lie, I had it in my head that this soap was going to smell like a hop bomb of an IPA like Marshall Wharf Cant Dog or something along those lines and I was wrong. Sadie’s the Lady is a really clean smelling soap, it’s not artificially scented but has a pleasant slightly fruity aroma; coconut, olive oil, maybe just a light earthy hops scent. I would say it’s a unisex bar of soap as far as scent, it appealed to both myself and my wife.

My wife and I both agreed that the soap felt great on our skin, smooth, soft, and lathered up easily without being sticky like some bar soaps. My wife mentioned immediately after drying her hands how good her skin still felt, as if she has just finished moisturizing them as opposed to washing them. Post hand washing and our skin felt great, but the most noticeable thing was what was missing from washing with most any other soap out there, the lack of smell, clean skin, no perfumes or clinging aromas.

Overall the wife and I enjoyed this product. Hops aren’t only great in beer but have antiseptic properties that make them useful in treating small cuts, they can be used on dry skin and even in anti-wrinkle creams. I think the remainder of this bar will be used by my son who has dry skin and is sensitive to products that are overly scented. If you are looking to try a new soap that’s locally produced and produced with Maine grown hops no less, give Sadie’s the Lady a shot, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Thanks again to Krista at Aroostook hops for sending me a sample to try.

Oh, and did I mention she sent two bars? She did! Since this is my 100th blog post and I’m feeling grateful for all my readers, I’m going to give away the second bar to one of you. Comment on this post and tell me what your favorite IPA is and you’ll be entered to win a bar of Sadie’s the Lady hops soap produced at Aroostook Hops in Northern  Maine.  You will have until 6pm on Sunday May 12th to enter; I will select a winner at random and announce the winner below and on my Facebook Page.

Good Luck!


Chad Lothian

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