Guest Post: Rogue, Dad’s Little Helper

I recently did a guest post for my buddy Pat Lemieux, he write the parenting blog, Manchild, and let me throw a post up on his page when my son was born a few weeks back.  I’m now returning the favor and giving Pat a place to try out his beer reviewing skills, I think he picked a perfect beer and time to do it.



Father’s Day was first celebrated in 1910 in Spokane Washington. The woman credited with founding the celebration is Sonora Smart Dodd. She was one of six children raised alone by her Father, a veteran of the Civil War. The festival lived on locally in Washington for a few decades until cooperate America got a hold of it and realized they could capitalize on the commercial success of Mother’s Day with a coordinated promotion effort (see every holiday, ever). In the 20’s President Coolidge recommended that the day be observed nationally. It was made a permanent holiday in 1972 when President Nixon signed it in to law.

Then nothing interesting happened. Just a bunch of lawnmowers and bad ties. Until that is, Rogue began brewing the Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA.

This black IPA when poured is a dark brown/black with a nice foam head. It has a warm, malty aroma not common to a traditional black IPA, which would usually smell more crisp and hoppy.

The taste has a strong malt presence with hints of coffee. The malt coats the front of your mouth leaving a soft warmth while the hops splashes the back of your throat for that more traditional IPA feel.

The beer is sweeter and sits heavier than a normal IPA but at 6.8% still packs that nice IPA punch. It’s the perfect beer for Father’s who don’t have time for more than one.

It’s not too often that beer and babies get to go together so it’s that much more special when they do. Father’s day is right around the corner and as such I would fully recommend trying this beer if you are a fan of IPA’s or stouts. It’s a big beer full of flavor but not overwhelming with hops.

It is sold in single 22oz bottles or grab it on draft while it lasts at the Great Lost Bear. Enjoy and happy Father’s Day. You’ve earned it.

Chad Lothian

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