Coaster Critique: Sebago Brewing Bonfire Rye

Name: Bonfire Rye

Brewed By: Sebago Brewing Company

Style: Rye Ale

ABV: 5.7%






On August 1st, Sebago Brewing Co. released their newest beer, Bonfire Rye. The label describes it as a “Rye ale stoked with hops”.  They also debuted their new Logo and packaging.

New Sebago Brewing Company Logo

Bonfire pours amber but when held to the light has a red/gold glow, pour produced a thick off white head that sank slowly leaving lacing on the glass.

The first aroma I pick up on is hops, citrus, grapefruit, pine. It’s reminiscent of Sebago Frye’s Leap but behind the hops is a touch of peppery, spicy rye.

The flavor in this beer is balanced nicely, hops stay true to the nose with some citrus and pine notes that play well with the slightly spicy rye body. Initial sip has a slight sweetness but the rye finishes it out clean and dry.

Overall an excellent Rye Ale and properly named, I could easily see this being my beer of choice while sitting next to the fire on a cool New England evening. The hops are pronounced enough to appeal to the IPA crowd but not so kicked up as to scare away a non IPA drinker, the same goes for the Rye, it’s a prominent flavor but not overwhelming. I saw six and twelve packs of Bonfire rye recently at the grocery store so it’s out there, go find some and check it out.



An interview with Kai Adams of Sebago Brewing Co. 

Chad Lothian

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