Guest Review: Blue Lobster / Prairie Artisan, Little Lobster on the Prairie

I met Ashleigh and Kristie of Two Girls, One Beer at this year’s Beer Bloggers Conference in Boston. I’ve enjoyed their New Hampshire based beer blog so much that i asked them to guest post for me, now i’m trying to plan a trip to Portsmouth to pick up a bottle of this beer!



100% Brettanamyces Bruxellensis farmhouse saison AND cute little gophers on the label?? Finally a beer that appeals to sour freaks and people who Internet-search for things like, “cats taking baths” or “corgi’s in costumes”. This is Little Lobster on the Prairie; a collaboration between Blue Lobster (Hampton, NH) and Prairie Artisan Ales (Tulsa, OK) and a funky, fruity, Brett monster that I was very excited to get my hands on.

Little Lobster pours a bright golden yellow/orange with a small and fizzy head that quickly settles down in a thin, bubbly ring; very vibrant with a moderate haze.

This has an incredibly clean and bright aroma, with prononced tropical fruits and a bit of lemony citrus. Good amount of brett funk.

You’re hit right away with tartness, but some mellowing sweetness immediately comes in to steer you away and into a light and grassy bitterness. I really love Galaxy hops; they’re so multi-purpose and I love the tropical element that they bring – match that with a yeast strain like brettanamyces bruxellensis var drei and it’s like sucking on a lemon while on a Hawaiian vacation.

You definitely get the peppery spiciness of a good saison, but adding the funky brett qualities, plus the ripe pineapple fruitiness  of the Galaxy, really makes this beer stand out.

Drinkability is pretty high; 7.3% ABV with alcohol going unnoticed. It has a medium-light body without feeling thin whatsoever, a bright and prickly carbonation and an excellent semi-dry finish.

This beer is going to be constantly developing in the bottle so I would suggest picking up two if you can because with some time, this will turn into such a Brett bomb.

Little Lobster’s distribution is relatively limited, with bottles only available at the Blue Lobster brewery in Hampton, Berts Better Beers in Hooksett and at WHYM Craft Beer Cafe in Portsmouth. So come on Maine, make a trip to New Hampshire and pick up this beer. You can tell your significant other you’re going on a drive to admire the foliage.

Thanks to Chad for letting me write this guest review. Check out me and my friend Ashleigh’s website Two Girls, One Beer for more New England beer reviews, and follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Cheers.

Chad Lothian

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