Coaster Critique: Schneider Weisse Aventinus Eisbock

On the third day of Beermas…..

Name: Aventinus Eisbock


Brewed By: Schneider-Weisse

Style: Eisbock

Brewed By: 12%

Eisbock or “ice bock” is an interesting brew, believed to be created by mistake, the result of casks of bockbier being left out in the cold and freezing. Because Alcohol freezes a lower temperature than water, the water freezes first leaving behind a concentrated version of the original beer. This isn’t a Christmas beer, but its connection to the cold of winter and its elevated ABV’s potential to put you in a festive mood is why it made my list.

Pours a deep brown to black, when held to the light what little breaks through illuminates the beer with red and gold highlights. The pour produced a frothy, khaki colored head that settled to a fine layer across the surface of the beer.

Dark fruits, reminds me of dates, some light chocolate notes and a touch of alcohol.

Eisbock is a very rich beer, meant to be sipped and enjoyed slowly. A deep malty character, wheat, hints of chocolate in the background. The dark fruit from the nose are present in the flavor, dates and raisins come to mind, there is a slight sweetness associated with them. At 12% ABV, the alcohol doesn’t register as hot in the mouth but a soft warming sensation in the back of the throat and out through the nose as you exhale.

I’m a big fan of this beer, it’s one that I look forward to seeing on store shelves and always pick up when I can. If this beer was truly born from a mistake then it’s one of those few brewery mistakes you have to love, maybe only second to a favorable Brett infection creating some funky wild offering. This isn’t a beer for everyone, it’s complex and full in flavor with burly ABV, half a glass and my face is feeling pretty warm, but if that sounds tasty to you then it’s worth a try.





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