Guest Review: Shipyard Mint Chocolate Stout

On the Fifth day of Beermas…..

I bowed out, I just couldn’t do it, MINT, I don’t do well with mint, there’s a whole backstory from college but that’s one of those things that only comes out after a few pints at the pub. Because I picked a mint chocolate stout I decided to hand off this review to my wife Jessica, she’s a big fan of mint and the Chapter Head of Maine Girls’ Pint Out.



Name: Mint Chocolate Stout

Brewed By: Shipyard Brewing Company

Style: Stout

ABV: 9%

I was really excited when I heard Shipyard made a Mint Chocolate Stout, I love mint so I really wanted to give this a try. I hadn’t read anything about the beer; I just knew the name so when the first thing I smelled was licorice I was a little disappointed. I don’t hate licorice but I only enjoy it in small amounts. This is when I picked up the bottle and read the description; aromas of chocolate and licorice. While I pick up the licorice I don’t get any chocolate. I was expecting more chocolate in the flavor and of course mint! Again I was disappointed, is that spearmint? Yup, had I read the bottle I would have known that going in to this. As a stout it’s what you expect, and if you like licorice and spearmint you’ll probably really like this one. I assumed with it being near Christmas the mint would be peppermint, if it had been maybe I could have gotten past the licorice, but I’m still wondering where the chocolate is. I’m sorry Shipyard, I just couldn’t finish the bottle.

Happy Holidays

Jessica Lothian

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Chad Lothian

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