The Maine Dream Team-up Project: Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens is co-owner of Maine Beer Tours operating out of Portland, Maine. Mark and his wife and business partner, Nichole Stevens, are strong proponents of the “Buy Local” movement and work to incorporate local Maine businesses into every aspect of their tours. Tours run Thursday through Sunday, every weekend, year round so that when you visit Portland, Maine it’s easy for you to hop on board and Drink Local.


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Question 1: What is your all Maine brewery dream team-up? And why?

This is a pretty tough one for me. I’ve got certain beers I like from each brewery in Maine, and trying to pick a couple I’d love to see work together is harder than I thought it would be. I’m really into pretty much anything from Sebago Brewing right now, and would love to see Kai and Luke from Baxter Brewing working together. Full Throttle in a can? A growler of Phantom Punch? Can you imagine Barrel Aged Lake Trout Stout brewed with vanilla beans and cacao nibs? I mean, seriously, I would just love to spend an afternoon listening to those two talk beer!

Question 2: What would your Maine + U.S Brewery Team-up look like?

I can’t even believe I’ve gotten to a point where I’m about to say this, but I would love to drink a variety pack of beers brewed by Allagash Brewing and Russian River out of Santa Rosa, California. I spent an afternoon late last summer on Casco Bay sipping a bunch of different beers from Russian River we brought back with us from our trip to San Diego last year, and I’ve totally fallen in love with sour beers. Tart, sour and funky, I never thought I would be into this style of beer, but I would love to see what these two breweries could dream up. And the names would be fantastic, am I right?!

Question 3: What would your Maine + International Brewery team up look like?

This one is a little more difficult. I don’t drink too many international beers. With that in mind, I’m going to have fun with this one. I grew up in Fort Fairfield, located in Aroostook County, right on the border with Canada. I spent a lot of time at the golf course growing up, and the club house was actually located in Canada. With that in mind, I drank a LOT of Alexander Keith’s Red Amber Ale. Perhaps too much, actually. I’d love to relive my youth (I was 21, I swear) and have a really hoppy version of Alexander Keith’s Red brewed with some of those citrusy, pungent hops from Maine Beer Company. Red Ales are a style I have fallen out of love with, but if they were aggressively hopped, I could get into something like that!

Question 4: Free for all! Anything goes here as long as there is 1 Maine brewery involved.

Three of my favorite US breweries right now are Stone (San Diego, CA), Lagunitas (Petaluma, CA) and Dogfish Head (Milton, DE). I’ve been to two of the three breweries, and I think I would drink anything by these guys individually, and would love to see what they would come up with if they all worked together. One of my favorite Maine breweries is Bunker Brewing in Portland. I love the approach they have taken with regards to what they brew – pretty much whatever the heck they want. To be honest, I’m not concerned with what they make; I would drink anything they put out. A really hoppy stout brewed with smoked peppers, lavender and ginger root? If these guys put it together, I would bet the farm it would be incredible. The label would be great, the name would be catchy, the backstory would be excellent, and you know they would have a fun time doing it. Come on guys, get on this!


Maine Dream Team-up Participants:

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Day 6: Ben Lizzotte/Ryan Poland/ Tony C – Drink’n Think’n Podcast

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Day 14: Carla Companion – The Beer Babe

Day 15: Adam Callaghan – The Maine Brew Bus

Chad Lothian

About Chad Lothian

Chad Lothian lives in Old Town, Maine. He is a craft beer enthusiast and homebrewer. Chad has travelled to brewpubs, breweries and brewfests all over New England.