The Maine Dream Team-up Project: Eric Mihan

Eric Mihan owns Bangor Wine and Cheese, located in Downtown Bangor, Maine. BWC offers a wide variety of craft beer, wine, cheese and charcuterie.


Facebook: Bangor Wine and Cheese

Twitter: @Bangorwine

Bgr Wine Cheese

Question 1: What is your all Maine brewery dream team-up? And why?

This is my Bangor-selfish Collab: I would like to see Geaghan’s team up with Allagash to create an Andrew-Rob Belgian-style IPA. Given Geaghan’s obvious drinkability in their brews, and Allagash’s real command of the Belgian style, I think they’d produce a wonderfully drinkable, food-friendly (it is for a pub, after all) beer that I’d selfishly love to grab one or three of next time I’m chowing down on Special Reserve wings.

Question 2: What would your Maine + U.S Brewery Team-up look like?

I’d like to see Ommegang (an old fave) team up with Oxbow and craft a saison style beer that could be in regular production for Ommegang…Oxbow does a fantastic job, and Ommegang needs that sort of beer in their line-up.


Question 3: What would your Maine + International Brewery team up look like?

I’d love to see Weihenstephaner come and give some lager-love to Maine through a collab with Baxter. Baxter has shown proficiency in fairly large-scale canning of drinkable brews, and for them to learn from one of the best would benefit all of us canned-beer lovers, especially with summer on the way.


Question 4: Free for all! Anything goes here as long as there is 1 Maine brewery involved.

I’d like to see Rising Tide join up with Pretty Things (husband and wife teams) for a Valentine’s Day brew to celebrate the good, the bad, and the reconciliation inherent in a workplace/home. Two awesome breweries that haven’t made a beer I don’t enjoy. Maybe include rose in it or something…


Maine Dream Team-up Participants:

Day 1: Chad Lothian – If My Coaster Could Talk

Day 2: Mark Stevens – Maine Beer Tours

Day 3: Shahin Khojastehzad – Novare Res Bier Café

Day 4: Eric Mihan – Bangor Wine and Cheese

Day 5: James Sanborn – Insurance Guys Beer Blog

Day 6: Ben Lizzotte/Ryan Poland/ Tony C – Drink’n Think’n Podcast

Day 7: Tom Madden – Madden Beverage

Day 8: Gene Beck – Nocturnem Draft Haus

Day 9: Josh Christie – Maine Beer Author

Day 10: Greg Norton – Bier Cellar

Day 11: Matt Delamater – Local Brew TV

Day 12: Benjamin Moore – Active Beer Geek

Day 13: Richard England – Hogan Road Deli

Day 14: Carla Companion – The Beer Babe

Day 15: Adam Callaghan – The Maine Brew Bus

Chad Lothian

About Chad Lothian

Chad Lothian lives in Old Town, Maine. He is a craft beer enthusiast and homebrewer. Chad has travelled to brewpubs, breweries and brewfests all over New England.