The Maine Dream Team-up Project: Matt Delamater

Matt would love to impress you with some amazing beer or food bio that blows your mind on how impressive his “beer geekdom” extends over the land — but that would be a lie. The truth — Matt is a regular jack of many trades – Actor, photographer, finance geek, and above all — simply a lover of all things beer. He knows just enough to be dangerous and feels lucky to have been caught up in the tidal wave that is “the amazing Maine beer movement” which has taken the state by storm in recent years. He’s so pumped and grateful that he has the opportunity to explore their stories (and drink their beer) with his TV show Local Brew TV ( Matt grew up in the Western foothills of Maine and he now lives in Portland with his wife, and he looks forward to any opportunity to share a brew with new friends and to tell more stories of the great beers surly to come!





Question 1: What is your all Maine brewery dream team-up? And why?

I love this question, even though it’s fairly impossible given all the many permutations that it makes one dream up. So many awesome beers! Where to start?? If I must, I can’t choose just one — here are TWO amazing collaborations that I’d love to see: First — An Allagash & Marshall Wharf mash-up would be fantastic. The Belgian mastery that is Allagash and that amazing Belfast beer genius’ would be pretty sexy as all heck. And Second — just because I’m a hop-head — I’d like to see two of our own Local Brew TV episode family join forces — Maine Beer Co. and Funky Bow Brewing. I know, I know – shameless plug right? But seriously, these guys KNOW HOPS and I think the smoothness of Funky Bow’s flawless IPA would be amazing with Maine Beer’s hop punch & instantly classic taste. Hmmm..sounds like a great episode also…. 🙂


Question 2: What would your Maine + U.S Brewery Team-up look like?

Ok — so here I’m going to show my ignorance a bit as these days I feel like I have the tiger by the tail with all the beers cropping up. Beers in places like Utah,Idaho, Cali, Vermont and Maryland are kicking some major but out there for sure, and there are so many more.But I’ll have a go! My wife and I spend a lot of time in Austin, TX and New Orleans for our photography company and those guys can do some serious beers down that way too these days. There is a little beer company in Baton Rouge, LA that I think is just fantastic — and follows a lot of the qualities that I think we show in our Maine beer roots — Tin Roof Brewing Co. They’re run by a bunch offriends, focused on customers and quality, and make super drinkable, solidbeers. I’d love to see these guys & Nathan from Rising Tide Brewing Co. hang out and make a tall bottle or two. I think Rising Tide’s incredible style &sophistication would marry well with Tin Roof’s crazy smooth taste & simple style. Plus both companies are super chill and led by real folks who definitely seem to have their heart in the right place when it comes to beer — which I like.


Question 3: What would your Maine + International Brewery team up look like?

Ok — got my passport and ready to roll with this one. And I don’t even need to think about it brother. Mikkeller is one of my favorite breweries on the planet, hailing from Copenhagen. I imagine them waking up, biking to work and being generally nice to everyone (they are Danish) and then just CRUSHING it every single day at making beer. Cause that’s what it seems like when I drink anything I have from these folks. And their style and branding is so freaking cool. They have this coffee stout with “weasel beans” (don’t ask — it tastes amazing) that as my buddy from Georgia always says “will make you wanna slap your momma.” In my opinion if they and the boys from Atlantic Brewing (the creators of the amazing Coal Porter) ever got together to collaborate i think it would be INSANE. (NOTE: I in no way condone any actual momma-slapping. It is simply a wacky southern reference and in my opinion all mommas should always be simply loved, respected and hugged often.)


Question 4: Free for all! Anything goes here as long as there is 1 Maine brewery involved.

Now you’re just blowing my mind. ANYONE and a Maine crew?? Man. TOUGH. So — I’m a pretty big fan of Trappist style beers. Maybe I’m just sold on the process of a bunch of devout monks hanging out, praying and making amazing beer – But I think the style is intense and amazing. There is one in particular — ORVAL — who is legendary in the Abbey style (thanks Ebenezer’s Pub in Lovell, ME for turning me onto these guys back in the day!) and one of my favorites. I think that combining the baddass dudes in Newcastle, ME at Oxbow Beer and their killer American farmhouse style, and the amazing new-kids-on-the block at Bissell Brothers Brewery show those Monks a thing or two and make some crazy good beers (note – my reference has no affiliation with the famous 90’s boy band. Unless we’re comparing the way Joey McIntyre’s made-girls-cry-it’s-so-smooth voice to the way Bissell’s IPA makes me feel when I drink it. Because if so – then yes I am making an obscure and embarrassing early 90’s reference.) As I write this, given all their impressive collaborations already, they probably already have made a few actually, and I’m way behind the curve. But either way given they are 3 of my favorite styles– Orval & Oxbow & Bissell would make a pretty amazing trinity of beer goodness.

All in all — I’m lucky that Maine beers can inspire such dreams. It’s good to love beer and to be from Maine these days, for sure! Thanks Chaddah for letting me weigh in my friend!




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Chad Lothian lives in Old Town, Maine. He is a craft beer enthusiast and homebrewer. Chad has travelled to brewpubs, breweries and brewfests all over New England.