The Maine Dream Team-up Project: Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is a craft beer blogger based in Southern Maine, his blog Active Beer Geek is dedicated to craft beer and fitness. Ben is a communications student at USM and VP of USM Enactus, Host of #BeerChat every Thursday night at 9pm EST on Twitter, a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, long distance running, kilt wearing member of the Novare Res Uprising.

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Question 1: What is your all Maine brewery dream team-up? And why?

Oxbow Brewing Company and Bissell Brothers Brewing Company for sure! I also think this collaboration will actually happen one day as well. Both Bissell and Oxbow are fantastic breweries that attract a very similar drinking clientele. I can see the release party now: skateboarding contests, ridiculously awesome food, live graffiti, live DJ, and everyone sating.


Question 2: What would your Maine + U.S Brewery Team-up look like?

I want to see someone big in the US to collaborate with a small brewery in Maine. This will make Maine stand out in the states as the brewing giant it’s becoming. I can see Full Sail Brewing Company from Hood River, Oregon with Rising Tide in Portland, Maine. They will probably make a beer that tastes so good that is so nautical it hurts.


Question 3: What would your Maine + International Brewery team up look like?

I would like to see Kulmbacher Brauerei come to Maine and find Tom Bull and make an awesome but different Lager or Pilsner. Tom Bull was the brewing half of former brewery Bull Jagger Brewing Company. He made some great beers in the traditional German lagering sense. Bull Jagger produced lagers, pilsners, a porter/lager, and an amber lager. But Tom Doesn’t have any equipment to speak of in terms of commercial brewing. This is when Rising Tide Brewing Company steps in and lends Tom and Kulmbacher their equipment and expertise for this purpose. I think if Kulmbacher Brauerei comes to Maine and brews something with Tom and Rising Tide it will remind Mainers that lagers can be crafty too.

Question 4: Free for all! Anything goes here as long as there is 1 Maine brewery involved.

I think Oxbow and Dogfish Head should put their crazy minds together and come up with some crazy saison that’s never been done before. Sam Calagione is crazy awesome for brewing things like their ancient ale series, Urkontinent, and World Wide Stout. I think he needs to bring in ingredients that are off the charts and combine them with the creativity of Tim & Geoff from Oxbow. Something will happen and it could be delicious.


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Chad Lothian

About Chad Lothian

Chad Lothian lives in Old Town, Maine. He is a craft beer enthusiast and homebrewer. Chad has travelled to brewpubs, breweries and brewfests all over New England.