Banded Horn Brewing Company to host Brewers Invitational Ping Pong Tournament

On Saturday, June 7th, 2014 Banded Horn Brewing Company will play host to the “Brewers Invitational Ping Pong Tournament” at the brewery in Biddeford. The tournament is being held to benefit Engine, an arts-based nonprofit in Biddeford. Engine’s mission is “To make arts driven programming, cultural development and sustainable creative entrepreneurialism an explicit community value and civic priority in Biddeford.” Engine was an integral part of Banded Horn Brewing setting up shop in Biddeford, Maine.


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The Details:                                                                    

When: Saturday June 7th at 7pm

Where: Banded Horn Brewing Company, 32 Main St. Bldg. 13-W, Biddeford, Maine

Open admission for everyone, ID’s will be checked at the door. Banded Horn beer will be available for $4/Pint. The Fishin’ Ships Food Truck will be at the brewery during the event. All profits from beer sales go to Engine. Winning team will receive a sweet trophy and bragging rights until next year’s tournament.

This will be a fun event and a great opportunity to socialize and cheer on your favorite brewery while raising money for deserving organization

I emailed a few of the brewers to get their feeling about the competition, Ian McConnell from Banded Horn informed me “The last brewer I smote in ping pong was about 7’2″ and had 3 arms. I vanquished him by 21-16 with a wicked sprawling monkey serve that burned the table on the first bounce. I think I can handily dispatch a few of these 2-armed brewers.” Strong words from the brewer with home table advantage. Tim Bissell from Gneiss Brewing conceded that his team probably wouldn’t win unless this turns out to be a Beer Pong tournament. Joel Mahaffey from Foundation Brewing said “We’re looking forward to a good turnout and an afternoon of fun. There are some great Ping-Pong players in the Maine brewery community, and the final matches should be a lot of fun to watch!” which doesn’t sound overly aggressive, but I can read between the lines, I’m pretty sure Joel expects to be in those final matches that will be fun to watch. Heather Sanborn from Rising Tide let me know that they might have a secret weapon on their hands “As one of the few breweries involved that doesn’t own a ping pong table, I am pretty sure that we suck.  However, we have recently found out that one of our employees is sneaky fast (hence our triumphant victory in the Craft Brew 5K last weekend).  So we might just have a sneaky skilled pong player in our midst too!”

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