Coaster Critique: Baxter/DC Brau The Daughters of Poseidon

Name: The Daughters of PoseidonIMG_5458

Brewed By: Baxter Brewing Co. and DC Brau

Style: Black IPA brewed with Oysters

ABV: 8%



Pours a black/brown color, takes on a deep mahogany hue when held to the light, pour produced a creamy off white head that left heavy lacing down the glass.

Smells of dark roasted grains with hints of coffee, hops come through with a blend of earthy and citrusy notes.


Initial flavor is malt forward, husky dark roasted grains, a hint of chocolate and coffee notes. Mid sip the hops present themselves with a clean grapefruit citrus flavor that carries a light bitterness through the end of the sip into the aftertaste. The oysters show up at the tail end of the sip, into the aftertaste, a light brine flavor that compliments the roasty malts quite well. Medium in body with a slightly elevated carbonation that keeps all the flavors light on the tongue.

Overall, I’m a fan, I had the opportunity to sample this beer at ACBF a couple weeks back and I knew I had to pick up a can and spend some time with it. I liked the hop profile of this beer and found it to balance out the roasty malt body and then how the delicate briny flavor from the oysters danced through the aftertaste and tied everything together. Make sure to allow this beer to warm up before drinking, my initial pour was too cold; this beers flavor didn’t come alive until it warmed up some. Black IPA’s are historically a hit or miss beer for me, The Daughters of Poseidon was a hit, don’t fear the oysters, and check this beer out.



Chad Lothian

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