Why is it I only go to the library when there’s free beer?

That’s right, Free beer at the library, on Tuesday, June 7, 2014 I took a drive to Pittsfield, Maine. Josh Christie, Author of Maine Beer: Brewing in Vacationland was speaking at the Pittsfield Public library about his book and the history of Maine Beer and there were free beer samples.IMG_5495

Josh pulls key points from his book and discusses how he got into beer, beer reviewing and blogging and eventually writing Maine Beer, his first book. The talk progresses through pre-prohibition brewing in Maine, the temperance movement in Maine and how it impacted Prohibition nationwide. The end of the talk bringing everything full circle, discussing the new waves of breweries that have opened since D.L Geary opened his brewery in 1986 and also touches on recent changes to Maine laws that have continued to improve the Maine beer scene. The event wrapped up with a guided beer sampling, we were served small samples of Oak Pond Brewing, Allagash, Bar Harbor, Atlantic, Baxter, Grittys, Rising Tide and Shipyard while Josh talked about the beers and breweries.

Josh Christie

Josh Christie

When Josh completed Maine Beer: Brewing in Vacationland at the tail end of 2013 there were nearly 40 Maine breweries, now there are over 50 with more in planning. The Maine beer scene is developing quickly but Josh’s book is still the most current book on Maine history to date.


If you get the opportunity to catch Josh Christie at a speaking event I would highly suggest checking it out. Josh is very well spoken, humorous and does well to address the entire audience and not just read from the book. Beer geeks will enjoy the content in his talk and if you find it boring at all Josh won’t call you out for falling asleep in the front row, which did happen, obviously not a beer geek.



Chad Lothian

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