Goodnight Brew: a beer geek bedtime story

Recently I received an offer from Bailiwick Press to check out a digital copy of “Goodnight Brew” by Ann E. Briated with illustrations by Allie Ogg, an adult parody of the classic children’s book “Goodnight Moon”. Having two kids I’ve read many offshoots of the book so I was interested in checking out this craft beer oriented version.


Cover Illustration courtesy of Bailiwick Press

The book depicts a colorful cast of characters in a brewery finishing up their brew day, cleaning up and heading home for the night, but not before saying “Goodnight” to the brewery.

The book  is fun and informative, full of colorful illustrations and basic information about breweries and beer. The geekiest of beer geeks won’t learn anything new from looking at this book but it’s entertaining. The tail end of the book has a two page illustration of the basics of brewing as well as a quick breakdown of ales and lagers.

Dubbed a “Pitcher Book for grown-ups 21+” it’s not geared towards children, obviously, but I wouldn’t worry too much if my kids got ahold of the book, I would actually read this to them as I’m sure they would enjoy the illustrations and frankly they hear me talking about this stuff anyway. The characters, all have a beer in hand at some point during the book but only on one page do you see any of them actually drinking beer, but those two crazy otters finishing their pints were far less concerning to me than the third otter who was climbing on a triple stack of hops boxes, I don’t think OSHA would approve and why aren’t those hops stored in the walk-in cooler?

Goodnight Brew is a fun book, in the hands of someone who doesn’t know the in’s and outs of brewing it would be educational, otherwise I think this would make a great bedtime story after a few too many, sleep off the beers while dreaming of Hops Wildebeests.


Hops Wildebeest illustration courtesy of Bailiwick Press

Hops Wildebeest illustration courtesy of Bailiwick Press


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