Coaster Critique: Lively Brewing Magic Mike

Name: Magic MikeIMG_6809

Brewed By: Lively Brewing Company

Style: Super Saison

ABV: 11%

Magic Mike pours a hazy, golden-copper color with a pure white head that fell quickly to a thin ring around the glass.

Picking up some light, fruity aromas backed by toasted grains, wheat and saison yeast spice with a hint of alcohol.

Lots of flavor happening here, baked bread, wheat, yeast, and a honey sweetness up front with a big full mouthfeel, as if I’d just taken a bite off a loaf of bread drizzled in honey. The sweetness dies down about mid sip and a lemony not quite orange fruity flavor followed by saison yeast spice and a slight earthiness presents itself backed by a gentle heat from the alcohol.

Overall a big beer meant for sharing, Magic Mike is big on flavor, big on alcohol and drinks like a a beer at half it’s strength. Complex is probably the most succinct way to describe this beer, flavor on flavor on booze, so maybe not for everyone but if you are up for the challenge, Magic Mike is the beer for you.



Lively Brewing Magic Mike poster

Lively Brewing Magic Mike poster

Chad Lothian

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