Metz Beer “all first-class places have it”

This is the second blog post this week on old beer advertising around Thanksgiving, this one comes from the Omaha Sunday Bee in Omaha, Nebraska, printed November 24, 1912.

Thanksgiving Metz Omaha Sunday Bee 11-24-1912

The advertisement is for Metz Beer, with a fine looking image of a bottle of Metz that could only be outdone by a turkey chugging a Metz beer, very Animal House before Animal House.

There it is in print in 1912 “No Thanksgiving dinner can be complete with out that delicious brew” of course they believe that brew is Metz beer, I think there are a number of fine beers out there that would pair well with Thanksgiving but if someone can find me a Metz I’ll drink that, the turkey sold me.

A few ways to get your Metz beer evidently, you can phone them and “insure prompt delivery” or you can ask for it “when at your Club or Cafe” because “all first-class places have it.”

I read this line a few times and was unsure of it’s meaning at first: “Your patronage of this Home Brew Is a Boost for Omaha” The Home Brew part in particular hung me up, but since this is Metz Brothers Brewing Company and they have a distributor listed I think it’s just a wording thing, where today Home Brew is beer brewed at home, this was a beer brewed and bottled for home consumption.

Pick yourself up some Thanksgiving beers because “No Thanksgiving dinner can be complete without that delicious brew”, have a safe holiday and please, do not allow turkeys to chug beer, either drink it yourself or brine them in it, we do not need drunk turkeys walking around.



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