Maine Distributors reveals new delivery truck with a local twist

It’s not uncommon to see a beer truck out making deliveries, offloading cases and kegs at local merchants, but have you ever looked at the truck and thought “Hey, those guys kinda look familiar?”

You might now.

Today Maine Distributors unveiled the newest truck in their fleet, a 28-foot box truck wrapped in Geaghan Brothers Brewing.IMG_9443[1]

“The unveiling of our brand new Geaghan Brother’s Delivery Truck symbolizes the beginning of our new partnership with the Geaghan’s. The design of this truck took months and it looks absolutely spectacular! Soon to be delivering Geaghan Brother’s delicious brews throughout our region.” said Scott Solman, President of Maine Distributors.

The door of the truck with fan photos submitted to Facebook and Instagram

The rear door of the truck with fan photos submitted to Facebook and Instagram

Also on the horizon is the opening of Geaghan Brothers Brewing new facility in Brewer, Maine. The new facility is just across the river from the pub and will bring a significant increase in production volumes. The current 5-barrel brewhouse located at Geaghan’s Pub in Bangor will stay operational and supply the pub as well as act as the pilot system for potential new brews. The new facility will be operating a 20-barrel brewhouse with 40-barrel fermenters, some of this equipment was delivered this week from Portland, Maine manufacturer Tigpro. This increased capacity will support the distribution side, kegs and bottles, that will be available after the new year.

“It is exciting to see our project nearing completion. In the next few months we will begin to roll beer out the doors, and we are glad for relationship with Maine Distributors and our partnership to bring another quality craft beer to Eastern and Northern Maine.” said Andrew Geaghan, Owner and Co-Head Brewer.



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