Puzzle Pax: a reusable six pack carton you build at home

The folks at Puzzle Pax sent me a sample of their product recently so I could check it out. I have a couple reusable bags that hold bottles but no six pack holders and with my habit of buying random singles instead of whole six packs this seemed like it would be an ideal product for me.


The puzzle Pax arrived wrapped in cardboard for shipping, inside where the 6 laser cut pieces of thin plywood rubber banded together. It included a simple, 3-step instruction sheet and nothing else, no nails or glue are required for the project.


Parts laid out for assembly

The base slides into the end walls, sidewalls join together with the ends walls, a center piece that acts as the handle and middle divider locks the ends in and finally 4 notched dividers slide through pre-cut slots, give them a twist and the whole unit is locked together. Overall a pretty simple assembly, an extra set of hands might have been nice but wasn’t necessary and aside from some minimal squeezing and shifting everything fit nicely.


Assembly in process

Assembly in process

The final holder is light, heavier than a conventional cardboard holder but definitely sturdier. The plywood that gives you that extra support is constrictive though, where you might be able to jam a slightly fatter 12oz bottle or even a 22oz bomber into a cardboard holder, the puzzle pax won’t allow it. 16oz cans were a tight fit, standard tall and short 12oz bottles fit fine but a slightly fatter import bottle, in this case Brouwerij Alvinne Omega would not fit. So if you buy cans and standard sized 12oz bottles this product works fine, for larger format bottles it’s not an option.


The empty Puzzle Pax is solid, nothing moves at all, when filled with bottles pieces do shift, the handle lifts and pushes up the cross pieces but with beer in the Puzzle Pax there is no way for the cross pieces to twist so it won’t come apart, the pieces just need to be locked back in when emptied.

I like it, the wood is unfinished so I could potentially burn in my own logo or paint it, may layer it with brewery stickers. The company does offer customization and stock designs on their website.

I think the Puzzle Pax would make a good gift for beer lovers and homebrewers, starting at $22 for a plain holder it’s an easy project and a handy beer carry in one.



Chad Lothian

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