Coaster Critique: Southern Tier 2XMAS

On the tenth day of Beermas:


Name: 2XMAS

Brewed by: Southern Tier Brewing Company

Style: Winter Warmer

ABV: 8%

Pours a deep copper pushing light brown that glows ruby red when held to the light. Pour produced a short off-white head.

The nose tells me this will be a spiced up beer, cinnamon and ginger stand out, I also get some orange zest.

Initial sip is watery, a sweet malty, bready flavor that is washed away almost immediately by spices. Cinnamon and ginger, maybe some nutmeg in there as well, all accompanied by a splash of orange flavor as well as pithy rind. There is a dark fruit flavor that sneaks in the background but it’s hard to pick up through the spices. Thin in body, with a harsh dry finish.

Overall not a beer I’d pick up again, this is prime example of a beer I would describe as “drinking the spice rack”. If you like big holiday spice beers check this one out I’m sure you’ll love it, otherwise get your Untappd check-in and call it a day.



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