Marshall Wharf Brewing forced to idle canning operation

Yesterday I heard some noise about Marshall Wharf Brewing Company shutting down their canning operation, I reached out to David Carlson, Owner at Marshall Wharf to validate this info.

It turns out what I heard was true but it’s only temporary.


Marshall Wharf is located right on the water in Belfast, David informed me that the 150 year old cribwork that’s supporting the building closest to the water has eroded and needs to be rebuilt. The damage has been surveyed and engineers are working on a fix. Unfortunately the section of building in question houses all of their cans and part of the canning line so during the rebuild canning will be put on hold.

The good news is this does not affect the brewhouse or the tasting room so off site accounts won’t see a disturbance in beer distribution and visitors can still get their growlers filled at the tasting room. David is optimistic that the rebuild will be completed and canning will commence before summer kicks off.

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Chad Lothian

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