Weigh anchor and set sail on a Maine beercation

Picture this, you are starting your summer vacation, you’ve just arrived in Camden, Maine. You grab your belongings and head down to the docks, hand your bags up to a crew member and climb aboard a 90 foot, double masted Windjammer. The crew shows you to your bunk and you stow your belongings and head back up on deck to meet others as they board the ship. You are mere hours away from weighing anchor and setting sail along the coast of Maine.

Doesn’t sound like your average craft beer vacation does it?

That’s right, craft beer vacation or beercation if you will, maybe even adventure beercation. I’m talking about the Schooner Mary Day and the “Beers of the Maine Coast” cruise.

The Mary Day. Photo Courtesy of the Schooner Mary Day

The Mary Day. Photo Courtesy of the Schooner Mary Day

The cruise lasts 6 days, sailing with Captain Barry King and his experienced crew. As a passenger on the ship you can make the cruise whatever you would like it to be, a relaxing trip with a good book or taking photos of Maine’s picturesque coastline or maybe you prefer to lend a hand an furl sails or even take the helm of the Mary Day. A 6 day Maine Coast adventure cruise would be a memorable vacation without a doubt but the addition of craft beer could only make it better, right?

Once the Mary Day has set anchor, what better way to end a day of sailing then sampling some of Maine’s finest craft beers? Even enjoying beers paired with dinner, the Mary Day has an on board chef making meals from scratch in the wood fired stove in the galley. Naturally a Maine vacation isn’t complete without lobster and the Mary Day includes an all you can eat lobster feast cooked over an open fire on a secluded beach.

Maine beers sampled aboard the Mary Day. Photo Courtesy of the Schooner Mary Day

Maine beers sampled aboard the Mary Day. Photo Courtesy of the Schooner Mary Day

This is the second year the Captain and Crew of the Mary Day have hosted a “Beers of the Maine coast” cruise, last year the guests sampled 45 different Maine craft beers over the course of the 6 day trip.

The Angelique. Photo Courtesy of Ben Magro Photography

The Angelique. Photo Courtesy of Ben Magro Photography

If 6 days of sailing is too long for you, you can also choose to sail with Captain Dennis on the Angelique a 95 foot windjammer. You will see an all grain homebrew demonstration on the dock prior to setting sail and get to sample a finished homebrew on board, the trip is 4 days long and offers beer paired with meals, including a lobster bake and craft beer sampling.

The Mary Day: Beers of the Maine Coast Cruise

  • Price: $1025
  • Board Ship: Sunday, June 14, 2015
  • Return: Saturday, June 20, 2015
  • Length: 6 Days
  • From: Camden Harbor, Maine

The Angelique: Brews Cruise

  • Price: $880
  • Board Ship: Thursday, August 27, 2015
  • Return: Monday, August 31, 2015
  • Length: 4 days
  • From: Camden Harbor, Maine

If you are the type of person who likes an off the grid vacation, the smell of sea air, hearty meals and craft beer these beer cruises might just be the perfect vacation for you. Learn about Maine, see the coastline, and sample the local beers, or if beer isn’t your thing visit the Maine Windjammer Association’s website for details on the 200 different cruises they offer across their fleet of 8 ships.



Chad Lothian

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