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Goodnight Brew: a beer geek bedtime story

Recently I received an offer from Bailiwick Press to check out a digital copy of “Goodnight Brew” by Ann E. Briated with illustrations by Allie Ogg, an adult parody of the classic children’s book “Goodnight Moon”. Having two kids I’ve read many offshoots of the book so I was interested in checking out this craft […]

The Complete Beer Course, Boot Camp For Beer Geeks

I purchased Joshua M. Bernstein’s, “The Complete Beer Course” a few months back, and have spent some quality time reading and rereading chapters, the book is called a “boot camp for beer geeks” and I would agree with that. The book consists of twelve “Classes”, starting with basic beer information, ingredients, hop profiles and brewing […]

Book Review: D.G.Yuengling & Son, Inc.

I have on more than one occasion found myself in possession of a bottle or two of Yuengling’s, which of course leads to an Untappd check in and then a stream of inquiry’s that all go something like: “Where did you find that!” Yuengling’s beer is not available in Maine, but it’s become quite clear that […]