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Deck drinking to improve your mood

My office has three windows; none of those windows look outside. I get very little natural light during the day unless I happen to be outside or near a window somewhere else in the building. Since I’m at work 40+ hours a week I try to get outside in the sun as often as possible […]

Interview:Chris Avantaggio of LiveMe with Giveaway

LiveME is an apparel company located in Portland, Maine, whose designs are inspired by the state of Maine and the activities we enjoy participating in. Before there was LiveME, LoveME, BikeME, FarmME, SailME, RunME, SkiME, SurfME, HikeME, FishME, RideME, RockME, BoneME (for the dogs) and the newest FeedME, there was BeerME, the logo inspired by […]