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New England Brewfests – 2016

My fourth annual New England Brewfest list, this has been a fun project year over year, the list seems to grow every year, this year a handful of events have dropped off and new one have taken their place. Like in years past this is work in progress, some events have not announced dates or […]

American Fresh Brewhouse at Assembly Row

So I kind of took a blog vacation there for July, this post was written in the first week and I just didn’t post it but hey, better late than never, right? A couple weeks ago my wife and I took the kids on a trip down to Boston to visit the Lego Discovery Center […]

New England Brewfests – 2015

This is the third year I’ve put together a list of New England Brewfests and like years past the list is not complete, there are festivals that haven’t updated their websites or officially announced their dates so this list is a work in progress. If you know of a brewfest that has been announced that […]

Coaster Critique: Mystic Vinland Two

Name: Vinland Two Brewed By: Mystic Brewery Style: Farmhouse Ale ABV: 7.3% Purchased: The Craft Beer Cellar – Belmont, MA I picked up this bottle of Mystic Vinland Two on my recent trip to Massachusetts; Vinland Two is part of Mystics native yeast series. The yeast used to ferment this farmhouse ale was cultured from […]